Membership Policy
5780, 2019-2020

Our members contribute each year to cover our costs.  This year, the amount we need to raise comes out to an average of $895 for each adult member.  We expect that some members will be able to give more, and some less.  All contributions are fully tax deductible.  Contribution amounts are confidential.

Any contribution toward high holiday attendance may be applied to membership later in the year.

New Members Please submit this form or print this form and mail it to our treasurer with your contribution.

Current Members Please fill out just the top portion unless your household or contact information has changed.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the form to print or submit. If you haven't received a confirmation reply within a week, please contact our membership committee at:

Paying With PayPal or Credit Card

To make a contribution using a credit card or PayPal, use the Donate button below.

PayPal charges us a processing fee of approximately 3% of the amount you donate. Therefore, if you are donating $100 or more, we request that you increase your donation to cover the fee. For example, if you are giving $500, consider $515; if you are giving $1000, consider $1030. Such increases are entirely voluntary, but they would be greatly appreciated. (BTW, because the havurah incurs the fee, the full amount is normally tax deductible.)

A PayPal account is not needed.

Membership Form